Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wanna Stand Out of the Crowd? Get a Rose Gold iPhone X for $4,023

Apple has succeeded in leaving imprints of luxury on the minds of mobile phone users such that it has become the standard mobile device for people of status with an increasing percentage of aspirational users. If you have an iPhone then, you are classy – it is as simple as that.

As with almost every commodity, some people prefer to create a layer of class for themselves in an already expensive product. Yes. Consider the new Rose Gold-plated iPhone X being sold by London based luxury brand Truly Exquisite for $4,023 (N1,448,280 using $1 = N360) as a typical case of sitting in First Class/Business class on Etihad Airways or buying a table in front at an event for 200 times the normal ticket rate because you either need more convenience, security or access to the performers.

iPhone X

That’s not all, the company also sells different models in a range of animal leather skin designs like black crocodile or a fierce red python edition. Now guess what? These options would cost you even more. J The crocodile leather design will sell for $4,426 (N1,593.360) and though for a limited time only, the device will come with an Apple Series 3 Watch valued at $329 (N118,440).

So if you ever feel like $1000 is too small for you to spend on an iPhone X cause there are several folks around you who do not worth as much as you do using the same device then, you can as decide to place an order for any of the luxurious variant of the same device and boost your swag.

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