Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Visor is the Perfect Accessory Everyone is Buying


Let’s start by defining exactly what a visor is. A visor is a movable part of a helmet that can be pulled down to cover the face.

A visor’s goal is to protect your eyes from the sun or other bright lights, much like a pair of sunglasses except that this has added a headgear – let’s think of it as an umbrella for your face.


Visors are not just for the sport-man or for the farmer keeping the sun out of his eyes. While functional, they are also stylish and are crafted with the highest attention to detail. We have fashion lovers styling a visor with just any outfit and it comes out quite daring and stylish.

Whether you plan on rocking them strictly to the beach or out on the streets, there will definitely give the shade and style you need.

From plastic, leathered to straw designs of different colours, this futuristic-looking accessory has made its way back to some of your favorite stores, and you can just walk into any store to get one.

Find few of them below:


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