Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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10 Most Luxurious First Class Airline Cabins That Will Blow Your Mind


Today’s airlines are bringing the rich back to the glamorous days of air travel. Business people who need to travel long distances are able to do so in luxury and style.

They cost a fortune but the idea of having a champagne, a hot towel, a queen-sized bed, and legroom for days is something anyone would want for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Whether you’ve just won a lottery or you’ve saved up for once in a lifetime experience, these are the airlines to book for the ultimate luxury flight.

Qatar Airways 

Do you want a premium clientele service? Settle in on Quatar’s cabin with delicious onboard cuisine by celebrity chefs, designer pajamas, WiFi service, LCD and a turned down bed swathed in Frette linens for a luxurious night’s sleep.

Air France

Air France offers a Premiere cabin option for your luxury flight. A super-comfortable seats with a pair of headphones and you can relax on the cushion bed topped with a bed duvet and fluffy down pillows.

Also, the staffs are always there for your need with a smile on their faces.

Emirates Airline 

Emirate’s First-class Private cabin offer each traveler the comfort of their own home with the luxury of a five-star hotel. If you want some privacy on flight, Emirates is for you.

The first class bathroom has a shower with selection of Bvlgari toiletries and Timeless Spa products.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic’s upper-class suites consist of semiprivate seats-turned-beds at the touch of a button. The bar on the plane is absolutely free for the travelers and the massage club is one of a kind.

Settle into your inviting cotton bedding and complimentary pajamas, hit the upper-class private bar for a nightcap.


This is the largest Airline company in Europe. There’s something soothing about the caramel- and grey-brown compartments. In the center of the cabin is a bar station, with an array of free-flowing wines and generous portions of caviar are served before multi-course meals.

Its standalone seat and bed setup, toiletries, temperature regulating pillows, humidifiers and exotic wines are just a gist of what luxury is.

Etihad Airways 

For those looking to ‘Fly in Style’, Etihad is the first preference. The national airline of the UAE with several luxurious flight options, like “the residence” a three-room suite and “The apartment” a living room suite with a permanent double bed in the bedroom, and a private en-suite bathroom with shower.

Travelers who book a suite have access to a chauffeur, spa, private check-in, butler and an onboard chef. This Airline Company has grabbed a lot of attention for its world-class services.

British Airways 

You can find the ultimate comfort and luxury here. The cabins are decorated in mildly blue ambience. Each seat also has two USB ports and a personal locker that comes with a mirror for in-flight touch ups.

A 23-inch display screen that’s controlled with a touchscreen remote control located in the seat console is one of its features.

Singapore Airlines

This is one of the foremost choice for the creamy section of society. The great internet speed is a plus for social media lovers. You can even get your own private suite on Singapore Airlines.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Enjoy the luxury of service as passengers get Their own little pod that can turn into a bed. You also get a personal TV, your own pajamas, and a LCD touchscreen that lets you control the lights.

Korean Air

Korean first class cabins are innovative and flashy. A bunch of amenities included private pods with bose headphones, skincare kit, slippers and pajamas.

What more value can you get for your money than this? Moreso, which of these luxurious cabins do you prefer?

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