Saturday, November 16, 2019

Beauty Dose: Black Lippy a Perfect Comeback

Black Lippy

Are you ready to look like a total badass? Jump in on the latest black lippy trend.

Forget about a signature red lip, black lipstick is all the rage today. They can effortlessly transform even the most basic outfit into an edgy and daring look.

Black lips require a tremendous amount of self-confidence because let’s be honest, it can be quite a jarring change. Instead of giving up hope on achieving fashion’s latest and greatest trend, be persistent and stay determined.

Try working your way to black lips by first getting used to other dark lip colors. If you’ve never worn a dark shade on your lips before, start with a red lipstick or lip stain and then progress to a deeper mahogany color.

When you’ve mastered those shades, try something more out of the box like purple or blue—both of which are equally trendy lip colors this year.

While it looks amazing, black lipstick requires regular maintenance to stay looking sleek and in-place so make sure it’s in your purse or makeup bag and brace yourself for touch-ups throughout the day.

With your favorite new black lipstick in hand, prepare for your beauty metamorphosis into a goth queen.



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