Saturday, November 16, 2019

Courtois Misses Training to Force Real Madrid Move


Belguim international, Thibaut Courtois failed to return to Chelsea’s training ground in order to force Chelsea to release him to Real Madrid. He was reportedly absent as Chelsea players were holding training sessions.

Real Madrid has shown keen interest in having the Belgian in their dressing room next season but Chelsea are reluctant to release the goalie until they can find his replacement.

Meanwhile, Cortious has decided to go Absent Without Official Leave hoping Chelsea will reconsider their stance and let him go.

Real Madrid appears to be happy with the development as they look forward to strengthening their last line of defense and they believe the Belgian will be instrumental to their title hopes in the new season.

Unfortunately, none of the entities involved has control over the transfer window as time seems to be gradually running out.

Let us just hope we do not experience another transfer deadline fax machine malfunction like was the case with David De Gea.

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