Friday, April 19, 2019

Facebook Carries Out Strong System Purge


Mark Zuckerberg looks like the boy who cried Wolf and definitely, he knows what is in it for him and his multi-million dollar company Facebook, which has been on the line since the Cambridge Analytica data breach whistle blowing earlier in the year.

This has led to the removal of hundreds of Apps from the Facebook platform that have access to the database of its users.

In May, when the Cambridge Analytica saga was heated Facebook had confirmed that it had found over 200 Apps similar to the ‘my Personality App’, which was developed by Cambridge University and has taken them down from the platform.

However, with the brand’s new audit policies and purging system Facebook has however confirmed that this number has doubled in number totally to about 400 App platforms that have access to the database of Facebook users and have been taken down or suspended.

To me, I think Zuckerberg and his brand are on their way to redemption, but the shock is not yet over as more Apps and platforms will be unveiled with subsequent purges. I doubt if my data is any safe just as yours, but let us keep our fingers crossed.

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