Wednesday, January 16, 2019

RHA’s New Earpiece Sell at Almost The Price of an iPhone X


You read that right, the iPhone X was regarded to be some leverage of premium assurance earlier in the year when it comes to mobile technology, but the thought of buying something smaller than a phone at that price may just seemly appear outrage and in fact very funny, but it is now in your face. RHA’s new CL 2 Planner earphones just have to become the new talk in town.

The brand’s new release is a 10mm transducer and 16-micrometer diaphragm device, and the first-ever planar magnetic wireless earphones.

This earphone sell for $900. You might be shocked, but you read that right if we go by the Nigerian Naira to US Dollar exchange rate then this ‘earpiece’ as we call it in the Nigerian context will sell for a whopping N326,574.00, while the most talked about iPhone X goes for $999, which amounts to N362,497.14 at the current exchange rate.

RHA Earpiece

Well, what makes the ‘earpiece’ special according to reports the earpiece is almost a device of its own. It comes with a wireless option, which could run actively for 12-hours connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

However, if you do not really like to show-off about your stuff then you could just connect the ‘earpiece’ to your mobile device using either its 2.5mm *+or 3.5mm cables.

If you could do away with a little of some of those cash in your bank account then you could pre-order the earphones on the RHA website.

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