Wednesday, October 23, 2019

4 Steps to Create a Stylish Wardrobe of Your Own


The whimsical and bohemian style trends come and go, while chic and classic style will always remain  constant for fashionista.

And, since the classic styles are all about ‘more is more,’ we’re confident that there is a special piece out there for every one, regardless of style type!

We are hoping that you know/understand the style that speaks to you and if you do not, we have it written down here

Now let’s go through this few steps to create a befitting wardrobe of your own.

Go ahead, make a list

Make a list of what you need so that when you go shopping it’s with a purpose, instead of just walking around buying things you don’t need. A list will help you stay focused, especially when sellers try to hook you up with things you don’t want to buy.

Like, Preview and Buy

The economy is not one that would let you walk into a store and buy an entire wardrobe. Before you head out to shop, go through your favorite outfits or checking them on all your favorite online stores first. Oftentimes you can’t see the full picture and appreciate the designs until you’ve visited the physical store.

Preview the collections, try things on, take photos of yourself in your favorite pieces and then come back to them at the end of the day and make your final selections. Keep in mind the pieces that not only make you feel fabulous, but are also on your shopping list, and necessary for the upcoming events on your social calendar.

Hire a stylist.

Do you have extra cash to spend? Then, hire a stylist. This will release you of most of the jobs as he/she will be doing the selection and styling for you.

Be open minded

Fashion is all about change. If your look always stays the same and you’re not careful, it can seem like you’re stuck in a time warp and your style could become stale. It doesn’t have to be what is in vogue. But, it’s also important to consider and infuse trends into your daily lineup. Be open to discovering new silhouettes and colors.

Above all, Be confident and have fun.

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