Monday, September 23, 2019

Claude Lavie Kameni Releases Stunning Photos Of New Collection.

Claude Lavie Kameni has just released new collection of stunning pieces and we love every item in it. LaviebyCK is a Celebrity ready to wear brand who has recently debut killer outfits with its modern twists to the classic Ankara silhouettes, each piece bore the feel of hotness and chic.

Claude has always been known for their impressive choice of fabric, and this was no exception. The whole collection is filled with artistry designs and fabulous wrappings. Tell us, what is not to love about it. The bright colour of the fabric, matching against each floral appliqué, gracefully sells the image of luxe. Romantic structures of the cuttings, strikingly placed at the sleeve of the jumpsuit making a tier of its own, detailed sleeves, delicate gathering of the V-neck and a flare of the pants hemline portrayed all the whimsical drama a babe needs.

The take on the jumpsuit was not a far-cry from perfect. Clause took us on a whirlwind of luscious perfection with the look-book making the collection deserve the ultimate wait.

See photos of Claude Lavie Kameni’s Collection below:

Claude Lavie Kameni Claude Lavie Kameni Claude Lavie Kameni Claude Lavie Kameni Claude Lavie Kameni

Claude Lavie Kameni

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