Monday, May 20, 2019

Nigerian iPhone Users Have To Remain On The Single SIM Lane


This is sad news on the fastest track of joy and announcement. Apple’s announcement of three new flagships under its X series platform had in itself created buzz for users who were not sure what the brand had in store for them with the new iPhone’s.

Well, rumour had it that the brand would be releasing a budget friendly version of its premium iPhone X and that the device was going to be dual sim.

Personally, I had thought the brand is finally thinking of its African Market as owning a sim card is perhaps one of the cheapest things when mobile communication is considered in Nigeria.

I am quite sure there are other people who own more than one sim card like me, who would love to own an iPhone with a dual sim, because everything about the brand reeks class and swag.


Sadly, the hope of owning an original dual sim iPhone has just hit rock bottom. The tech company has released a list of countries that would be able to access its electronic Sim system and it appears no African Country made the list. Included on the list are Austria, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Spain, the UK, and the US.

I had thought of buying the other version with a physical sim tray, but it appears that Apple has eyes for its Asian mobile and not Africa or Nigeria. This hybrid version of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max will only be available in China.

Now, I have to rethink the plan I had of discarding my support device to increase the recording making 2 billion iOS device units already sold by Apple by one, because of its dual functionality.

I guess my iPhone X isn’t too old to flaunt in this case.

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