Sunday, May 26, 2019

Street Styles From Milan Fashion Week Was Unlike Any Other Fashion Week Street Style.

This season is filled with lots of fashion events and shows. The fashion season kicked off with New York Fashion Week, to London, Milan and the latest, Paris Fashion week, before Lagos fashion week. Street styles from Milan fashion week was unlike no other.

Let’s talk about all the accents and infusions that made the Milan street style look the best so far. The Milan fashion week street styles showed off the top styles of Italy as people were interested in chic and colouful combinations with many distinct outfits. Street style stars explored the use of patterns, hyper-hues and a love for sleek and bolder ensemble to create relatable but creatively impeccable looks. The fashion week lasted seven days and within that time frame, the Italian sidewalks were filled with fashion lovers and enthusiasts who created major fashion moments and gave head to toe stunning looks that have filled us with a wanting.


The street was filled with fun and incredible styles. We might not be on the streets of Milan, however, living vicariously through these images, we are consumed by a need to show off the incredible style selections that you will love.

Photos of street styles from Milan Fashion Week…

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