Monday, May 20, 2019

Mules Are Still Making A Strong Statement This Season

One year down Mule shoes and slides are the most popular footwear silhouette of the season and they have literally been the highlight of the year.

It is a style of footwear that has no constraint around the foot’s heel. Mules weren’t always beloved, till the 20th century because back in the days people used it as bedroom wear. It’s style and purpose has changed throughout the centuries due to peoples fashion orientation and perceptions. They are no longer just bedroom shoes and are now worn any day and for any occasion. In addition, Mules connotes comfort as it was made for a stylish but relaxed look.

Though designers have gone a notch higher by recreating distinguishing features to suit both genders, some like Gucci’s Princetown loafer is a version of a mule worn by both men and women. The trend of large buckles and elaborate trims was replaced by less decorated low heeled leather and felt shoes. The mule trend has been accepted by more and rejected by few; leaning towards the male gender for reasons that it is not comfortable or attractive but this is a dismissive argument, but in truth, Mules are a most controversial footwear because it is non restrictive.

Many celebrities and Models like Gigi Hadid, Beyonce have been spotted wearing their different styles of mules from several popular designers like Stuart Weitzman, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Man Repeller and Gucci. The mule has taken up a strong spot in popular culture as seen in films and the streets.

Mules are everyone must have. Are you still in your feelings towards Mules? Let us know..

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