Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Olubankole Wellington, Banky W. Declares Political Intention For 2019

With the 2019 elections coming soon, people gearing up to vote and candidates advocating why they deserve the votes,  we can’t help but notice the air become filled with political energy as candidates make their stance and intentions even more clear. This has led to quite a fair amount of surprises like the ever-stylish singer and actor Banky W. making known his intention to run for the Federal House Of Representatives for Eti-Osa Constituency.

Banky W

Using the campaign slogan “Hope’ 19” Banky W. is currently running under the Modern Democratic Party, one of the new generation political parties in Nigeria. He made his intention known through an Instagram post which he captioned:

“They say we don’t have the money to run…we say we our strength lies in our numbers. They say we don’t have the structure, we say we will attempt to build it. They say “what if you lose”? I say, what if we win?

You see, my whole life has been a story of just dreaming dreams, setting goals, and working until they come true. I can live with trying and failing. I can not live with not trying.

So while we may not have a godfather, we do have God. And we have a vision. And intellectual capacity. And integrity. And the right intentions. And last but not least, a whole lot of hope.

At the end of the day, hope may be all we have but I believe it is all we need. Thank you and God bless Nigeria”

We hope Banky W.’s political interest inspires other young people to get actively involved in changing Nigeria’s political narrative.

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