Sunday, May 19, 2019

9mobile records final market take over

It has been on for over 8 months and the tussles had continued to pull between Teleology and 9mobile but it appears today that the later has finally bought over the former and has proceeded to change its board of Directors.

After earlier depositing a non-refundable $5o million to the NCC the new owners of the telecommunication brand has finally gained approval to take full control of the brand.

In line with the new ownership, the company has immediately appointed a new board of directors to run the affairs of the company, which has subsequently led to the termination of the interim board in charge of the negotiation and the transition of the brand from its previous owners.  The appointed board members include;
  • Nasiru Ado Bayero (Chairman)
  • Asega Aliga (Non-Executive Director)
  • Adrian Wood (Non-Executive Director)
  • Mohammed Edewor (Non-Executive Director)
  • Winston Ndubueze Udeh (Non-Executive Director)
  • Abdulrahman Ado (Executive Director)
  • Stephane Beuvelet (Acting Managing Director)

It is not in anyway new that there are shake-ups when brands experience ownership swaps and changes, but one very little detail is the name of the brand, will the new owners of the brand Teleology Holdings still stick to the 9mobile name or would it also be changed soon?

Are we still expecting more shake-ups in terms of the termination of duties?

These are questions only time can answer. We, however, wish the new management and owners of the brand a smooth run in their new phase of business development.

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