Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ellen DeGeneres was generous with iPhone XRs on her show

It is one thing to have a show that does well and has shaped the mindset of a lot of people, but when you take it to the next level with your generosity then all I can say is Ellen is De-generous.

This would not be the first time talk show attendees would get a surprise take-home Oprah Winfrey had at a point given cars to every member of her show.

Well, this time it’s Ellen Dengeres who decides to surprise her entire studio audience with a clean pack of Apple’s latest iPhone XR.

During the show, DeGeneres was playing a game of Heads Up on an iPhone XR with actress Julia Roberts as part of a skit, in which at one point Roberts was quoted as saying, “I think it’s cool because it comes in six different colours and has the best battery life ever.” Presumably, this was part of the script because it later transitioned into DeGeneres announcing that every audience member in attendance that day would be going home with an iPhone XR device of their own.

This is part of her countdown to Christmas, sadly I was not there neither were but you can watch the proceeding below.

For now, it is not certain Apple gave the devices she gave on her show to her as the brand is fond of getting into sponsorships with brands, but whatever the case is this is the kind of Christmas I want.

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