Sunday, May 19, 2019

Google Hangout will soon shut down

Google has confirmed that it would be shutting down its Hangout platform, which is the brand’s messenger platform where users could use it to chat with friends on their phones, via the dedicated website app, or even use it within other apps such as Gmail.

According to a new report, it seems that part of Google’s roadmap for the next couple of years involves shutting down Hangouts or Hangouts classic as Google refers to it now. It was initially reported that it was targeted for 2020, but Google Hangouts product lead Scott Johnston has since refuted that timeline. Although at the same time he doesn’t deny that it will eventually be shut down as they transition users to Hangouts Chat and Meet, so right now users can still go ahead and use the service but don’t expect it to stick around for much longer.

The time when the platform will finally shutdown has not been officially confirmed, but this is the second platform Google is shutting down from its many services after it made it clear that it would discontinue its Google+ earlier in the year.

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