Saturday, January 19, 2019

“Adey Soile by Night” Is The Perfect Night Time Collection

There is a new release in town, “Adey Soile by night” is the perfect mix of fabulousity and functionality.

According to the statement following the release:

The Adey Soile by night collection is a fresh, polished and exciting extension of Adey Soile’s classic workwear aesthetic.

This collection is a night time line, released just in time for the holidays and embraces the spirit of the season through the introduction of sparkles, sequins and rich crepe in glamorous and feminine silhouettes.


Photographer: @adebayorphotography
Shoot director: @uchegele
Videography: @flstudiosmedia
Makeup: @bemebeautystudio
Models: Adeola of @pagesmodel, Bolu of @catch22models

The brand is having end of the year party

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