Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Apple Series 4 lives up ECG expectation

Apple’s Series 4 smartwatch was one of the brand’s big announcement earlier in the year. The watch looked to me like some perfectly tailored gadget that does everything and more for its owner, but the truth is like Tim Cook called it “The Watch” the series 4 is certainly living the life.

One of the major feature of the watch at its launch was its ECG ability, however, a key feature was missing from the ECG  section of the watch during its launch; an atrial fibrillation, which uses heart rate to detect dangerous conditions.

Apple has however been able to cover up for this missing feature with a new OS update that now features this ability and makes the watch closer to the monster Tim Cook and his team had promised end users.

While the Series 4 has passed series of test and approval stages, the FDA has warned that ECG apps are for “informational use only” and “should be restricted only for people above the age of 22 years old.”

The regulator also noted that users should not take “clinical action” solely based on the device’s data readings and should always consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Apple has also added to this claim stating that the watch is definitely not a diagnostic tool.

However, the device’s fall trigger is one key feature that should be applauded.


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