Sunday, April 21, 2019
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A Guide To Having A Nice night Stay On A Beach In Lagos

If you are one who loves to watch the waves in the moonlight, feel the cool breeze or smell the salty cool air, then this post is for you.

Lagos has some of the most exotic beaches in Nigeria, and if you are an adventurer, wild camping in one of them would have been on your list for a while now. Here’s a guide on how to go about it.

The most thrilling thing about Lagos is that there are experiences lined up for you everywhere, especially after dark. Spending a night at the beach is one of those. When activities at the beach wind down and the crowd is gone, the waves and moonlight give a wonderful experience. Whether with friends or lovers, this is one you wouldn’t want to miss.

Beach, where?

The location for your night of wild camping matters the most. You need a clean, controlled environment where there’s adequate security. Beaches that come to mind include: Oniru private beach, Tarkwa bay, etc. Oniru private beach, for example, requires an entry fee of N1000 and a gate with security who regulate people who walk in and out of the beach. It is also very clean, with music and live bands that carry on till the wee hours.


The beach with your friends/ family

It’s very much advisable to go to the beach with a group of friends or your romantic partner. You can cuddle together, laugh and tell stories. When a lot of you enter the water, you also need someone to keep an eye on your things. Going alone can be a time of self reflection but it can also make you look like a hobo with nowhere to sleep, no offence.

What you’d need

Depending on how your camping is planned out, the first thing you’d need to concern yourself with is how you’ll sleep. You’d either need a sleeping bag, or simply, some blankets. You need a blanket to lay on the sand and/or one to wrap around yourself. There are also some chairs on some beaches that you can line up to sleep on.

Some people who camp on the beach are able to bring along tents. That requires some hassle and you’ll probably have to sort out some of the beach officials but if you don’t mind, then why not?!

If you’re also worried about mosquitoes, you can take along some repellent, though mosquitoes breeding in sea water is highly unlikely.

You’d also need swimming gear, if you plan on entering the water. You are only advised to do so with a life jacket as the tide comes in strong at night and anything can happen.

Don’t forget food and drinks for high spirits!

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