Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Cuba breathes 3G mobile connectivity for the first time

Cuba is finally getting a glimpse of what the advancement of mobile connectivity is. The country launched its first 3G network yesterday, which is quite awkward because most of the global market is moving towards the inclusion of the 5G support on new devices for 2019.

However, the sad twist to the story is that most Cubans will not be able to afford this connectivity, because they have been used to WiFi in pubs and other public places.

Etecsa’s home internet service, Nauta Hogar, only has 60,000 clients. Their connections costs are often paid by family members aboard, as a means of keeping in touch.

This means that owning a personal internet in Cuba is a lot of luxury on its own, which cannot be afforded by every member of the communalist society.

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