Sunday, April 21, 2019

Reebok Brings Back It’s 1992 Pyro Sneakers

Sport wear brand Reebok is putting out a campaign to promote the Reebok’s Pyro sneakers, which was first released in 1992 and is being re-released this month, playing off the retro vibe a little further. This is definitely good news for the sneaker loving clan.

The brand known for the nostalgic vibes it brings on with every product chose Skate Kitchen front-woman Kabrina Adams to front this campaign. The campaign was filmed through a vintage HandiCam and had Kabrina Adams doing her thing and showing off her wonderful skills in the skate park, which according to her is the spot for hanging out with friends and which she now refers to as home. Adding that she doesn’t like being labeled, further speaking on issues relating to self-evolution, self-expression, and self-respect.

We can’t thank Reebok enough for bringing back these sneakers. Athleisure is definitely becoming the thing and we have great sneakers like the Pyro to see us through. You can now add the sneakers to your footwear closet.

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