Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tips On How To Style Your Kimono

Kimonos are perfect to wear in not too sunny or cold weather and it gives your outfit a boho vibe, as it is a perfect option for warmer weather because it is light and airy, but still gives coverage against the chilling night. Plus, it’s officially the best transitional piece to have in your wardrobe. And what’s even better, Kimonos have been given a modern touch by daring designs from fringe details to ruffled hems and definitely comes in different sizes and length.

The styling options are equally limitless, it can be worn over anything in your wardrobe; it can be layered over a body hug top, worn over a high waist jeans and paired over a mini dress; virtually anything you can think of, and they come in all sort of prints and colors.

Having difficulty styling it? All you need to to pull it over whatever you are wearing and make sure prints and colors are not clashing. Chances are you even have a pair of jeans or black pants and either a tee-shirt or sleeveless top or better still a bodycon gown in your closet. We are a step ahead, all that is left is to find the perfect kimono for you. It’s not a must to have several kimonos, you can get one that can work for all events. Just the right color and length, not too long and not too short either.

Pair with a pair of heels, sandals or sneakers. You open to different options. Don’t be afraid to accessorize when heading out, you can pull a beret, hat or cross bag over it or better still, wrap a belt around your kimono. It gives it more definition.

  • Going for a casual outing and not big on fashion statements? wear tonal colored up and down and pull your kimono over it. Add a little chic style to it by wearing a bumbag high on your waist. You can also wear your kimono over wide flared pants. It does have to be just pencils skirts or pants neither does it have to be denim.

Another place to wear your kimono to is the beach. You are heading out to the beach and you’re worried that it can be chilling at time or you don’t want to show too much skin but still want to be in a bikini, you can carry your Kimono along. It just perfect for the occasion. Pair it with your wide hat and slim slide and you’re ready.

Did i miss any way of styling it? Let’s know how you style your kimono.

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