Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Tennis Ace Serena Williams stuns on the cover of Teen Vogue

Tennis ace Serena Williams is juggling many things since becoming a Mother and she sits down with Teen Vogue to discuss it all.

Serena has always lived her life in the spotlight. The sports champion just tried her hand at a new role; being a mother. She sits down with Teen Vogue to talk through it all. Look how Serena Williams stuns on the cover of Teen Vogue.
She sat down with new Teen Vogue editor Lindsay Peoples Wagner and young activist Naomi Wadler to discuss using their platforms as a vehicle for change and to inspire. The three women sat on stage at the Teen Vogue Summit and spoke openly and candidly about their individual and shared experiences as black women in respective industries.

The transcript of the conversation was laid out in the magazine with an accompanying editorial of Serena Williams looking as powerful and beautiful as ever. Teen vogue for more

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