Saturday, November 16, 2019

Apple accidentally leaks supposed iPhone XI

The year might have not gone as all planned by the Apple brand which rose to being the first tech company to attain a trillion dollars, but fell off that ladder as a result of poor sales during the year.

Well, with the launch of its Series 4, iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR the brand hasn’t done much for itself in the mobile market.

If rumours grow to become truths the brand just gave up the cat on its 2019 device.

According to a report on Forbes, Apple is at it again changing the narrative by subtly teasing a red-hot new iPhone upgrade…

The report furthers that Apple is taking inspirations from rivals,  to build Touch ID into the display of iPhones.

For example, Apple’s patent demonstrates it operating as a backup to Face ID for unlocking iPhones but it can also operate as a standalone authentication method itself.

Today’s report does in fact show interfaces confirming that dual biometrics could be coming to future iPhones

Interestingly, one quirk of the latest patents is Apple illustrates them using an iPhone 6-style phone, but don’t be fooled. The company often uses older models as it’s a simple way to avoid revealing future designs. And here’s the kicker: the patents show Apple initially filed them privately almost a year ago, so this tech is well down the road.

However, Face ID or Touch ID bionics or not, we would rather all these juice(s) as rumours until Tim Cook makes the announcement holding the device on stage.


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