Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Harmattan Season Hair Hacks

Harmattan is here finally. I’m sure you might have noticed your increasing need to apply lip balm and the high consumption of water on your due to dryness. It is real.

Well, the harmattan season is here again. Anything to save us from the cold dry-hot weather. It’s here and though it might not be as potent as the previous years, it is still having it toll on people. Lagosians are the least affected and we’re grateful.

During this cold and dry weather, apart from your skin and lips that tends to break, your hair is also in danger of breaking out if not protected well. Firstly, always moisturize your hair.

After moisturizing your hair, next thing is to protect your edges and ends to avoid breakage and split ends. I advice ladies and men with hair to never leave their hair out during the harmattan season but even if you have to, make sure to protect your hair ends at all cost by making it into buns or wrapping it with attachments or doing other protective styles.

Here are few styles to go for this harmattan season

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