Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Bloom By FBD Gets Us Excited With Latest Collection ‘Swirl’

The fashion brand Fablane by DerinBloom by FBD, Bloom by FBD gets us excited with latest collection ‘Swirl’ featuring Anto Lecky and Bunmi Balagon as model.

These Bloom by FBD are perfect party pieces, colorful wand as the name suggests, they’re for the outgoing young woman who wants to enjoy herself during the holiday season.

According to the brand:

This collection plays on the ideals of the fashion house : clothing that makes women feel special, beautiful and most importantly, confident!

The pieces are fun and flirty, cute and classy. As the title Swirl implies, the pieces are just right for the lady who loves to Swirl – this holiday season she will be letting her hair down and having a good time, while looking fabulous in Bloom Pieces.

The Creative Director Derin describes the collection as; “A must have in every woman’s wardrobe, affordable and easy to wear. All pieces were tailored with love.”

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