Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I Bet You Still Carry Out This Nigerian Christmas Tradition

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus in Christian religion, which falls on December 25. The period around this is celebrated by different people in lots of ways, especially in Nigeria. However, there are some common things done that characterise the festive season for lots of Nigerians.

1) Cooking Rice And Stew  Everyone looks forward to that Christmas rice that is cooked on Christmas day. It could be fried rice, jollof or even plain white rice, usually accompanied with a lot of other side dishes and in abundant quantities.

2) Killing chicken

Christmas chicken or turkey has to accompany the rice right? Many families kill the chicken themselves and go through the whole process of chasing the chicken, choosing who will kill it, the actual killing, defeathering and chopping up.

3) Christmas clothes and hair

Children have the most stake in Christmas clothes, hair, shoes, etc. Families have a whole budget for providing the items for their children. Some adults still feel the need to buy new things for themselves too.

4) Carol service

Many organisations have carol services for the staff who are interested. Churches also carry out carol night for members. It is usually accompanied with singing, dancing and food.

5) Knock-out and fireworks

Fireworks and smaller bangers are frequent from the 1st of Dec till New Year’s day. It usually intensifies on Christmas day and just after midnight on New Year’s day.

6) Christmas decorations

Decorating the Christmas tree and around the house is a favourite for all ages. It adds to the season’s spirit and cheer, especially with songs that play along.

7) Village masquerades

For those in the village, masquerades are a big part of the Christmas and New Year period. They come out on random days to chase children around and dance to music.

8) Father Christmas and gifts

For children, a visit to the Nigerian Santa Claus is in order. For adults, there is usually an exchange of hamper packs upon hamper packs.


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