Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Burna Boy Font Sizes And Fumbling The Bag Drama On Social Media

Last Thursday started out on a happy note as Burna Boy and Mr. Eazi were announced as part of Coachella 2019’s line-up, alongside headliners Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Billboard Woman of the Year winner, Ariana Grande.

It’s undeniable that Burna Boy owned the Nigerian scene in 2018. Starting off with the release of his third studio record “Outside”, which churned out hits like “Heaven’s Gate” and the unofficial Nigerian Anthem “Ye”, a feature on both Fall Out Boys’ and Major Lazer’s records, dropping the radio hit “Gbona” that got the gbedu flowing in our bodies, rhyming Angelina with Angelina on the infectious year ender “On the Low” and finally headlining his own concert on the 26th/27th of December.

Taking all this into consideration, it came as no surprise that Burna Boy was billed to perform at Coachella which happens to be one of the biggest annual music and art festivals in the world that has played host to artistes ranging from rock icons Radiohead, to most recently Beyoncé, whose spellbinding performance caused a temporary change of name – Beychella.

But while we were celebrating this milestone in the artiste’s career, Burna Boy had bigger fonts, to fry.

In a now deleted Insta story post, Burna Boy called out Coachella with his chest, for apparently making his name small considering the fact that he just happened to be an AFRICAN GIANT.

As usual, the massive social media attention that followed the dramatic “put some respeck on my name” post clearly rivaled the attention the star got for his headlining show in Lagos.

These examples go to show that Burna Boy’s outburst was unwarranted and egoistic, as the line-up wasn’t based on race or whether or not he is African, but rather on his global appeal and crowd pull because to Coachella it’s all a numbers game which translates to ticket sales.

At this point We hope and pray for the best for the artist.

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