Saturday, November 16, 2019
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FBI Busts Obiwanne Okeke Of Invictus Group For Fraud

Class of 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 member  Nigerian  Obiwanne Okeke just got busted after a round of his pishing act on the web just got uncovered by the  FBI.

The self described business man, who claims to have a BA (Global) International Studies & Forensic Criminology, Masters of International Relations and Counter-Terrorism Studies, also charges himself with 10 years of working experience.

In a post made on Instablog, Nigerian Instagram news platform publications from Marshall  Ward the lead investigator showed that the businessman defrauded Unatrac Holding Limited of a whooping  sum of $12,000,000.

He is said to have operated by sending a  cloned Microsoft 360 package to the CFO of the affected company,  who clicked for an upgrade, while he curated the affected login, which saw him send mandates to the Finance Department of the company under the guise of the CFO’s disguise.

After issues were escalated,  the FBI was able to link to the affected man using Google’s tracking  and IP.

As it stands,  Ward is requesting the arrest of the self-acclaimed businessman who is current in America to prevent his escape to Nigeria, which might make it a lot more difficult to track.


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