Monday, September 23, 2019
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Travel Hacks – 5 Tips on How to Travel Within Budget


Traveling involves lots of planning and budgeting before the each trip. Actually, it involves saving ahead of your trip because you really do not want to wait for your travel date before you start preparing for the trip. Hence, we will share 5 tips with you on how to plan a memorable holiday and travel within budget.

  1. Plan early

    Most world travelers plan their next trip a couple of months before the last one. Yes. Planning enables you get lower cost for your travel expenses – low flight ticket, hotel and tour. You will be amazed at how much you would have saved by simply booking your flight and hotel two months before your travel date.


  2. Pick an affordable or less popular destination

    Before you embark on a trip, the first thing you look out for is the destination. Is it a place in Africa, Europe or Asia? You need to be conscious when picking a destination. Do not hesitate to consider places that are not very popular. Take your time to do a little research on where you want to visit and make sure you know the type of experience you want to have. We have lots of travel deals online that rarely include accommodation, feeding and tour so when looking for where to spend your holiday or vacation make sure you look out for affordable destination with cheap accommodation and food.
  3. Fix a flexible date

    This can be very challenging especially if you are not completely sure about your travel plans. Pick a date that you will find less people traveling to same destination. Do you want to travel during Easter, summer or Christmas when everyone is going on vacation? It is only expected that flight ticket and hotel prices increase during this periods. Pick a flexible date and look out for flight and hotel deals. Also subscribe to deals to make sure you receive notifications when the prices are less.

  4. Find alternative accommodation To reduce the cost on accommodation, find a room, a shared apartment or even a hostel. Travel doesn’t mean luxury hotels and beach houses only. If you have the money to spend you can go for all that. But, for the purpose of this post, we believe you can have as much fun with your little budget. You can try Couchsurfing or visit a friend that way you will get free accommodation.
  5. Staycation is great

    Traveling does not necessarily have to involve expensive flight ticket and luxury hotels. Yes, it is much fun to travel out of your country however, there are also lots of tourist sites within your country in some cases that can guarantee similar experiences. Take a road trip to a state/city that you have never visited before and experience different cultures and traditions.Traveling is for fun but you will need to plan wisely lest you squander all your savings.

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