Friday, September 20, 2019
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Important Travel Documents For Nigerians Traveling Abroad


Large percentage of Nigerians have a dream to travel out of the country at least once in their lifetime. Some choose to travel due to the poor economic situation in the country, some for tourism and sight-seeing purposes and others for education or business.

The high number of people trying to jet out of the country has made it quite difficult for people to secure visas. Many Nigerians are being refused visas and the opportunity to travel out on a daily basis. But regardless, many Nigerians still travel out regularly.

This is the list of documents you need before you can cross the border into another country whether it be a visa free country or one that requires a visa.

  1. Nigerian PassportI believe you already know that having a Nigerian international passport is important, if not, now you do. The 32/64-pages green colored booklet must be presented at any immigration point before you are given access into a country.When appearing at the immigration office, the requirements for the international passport are as follows:
    1. Complete passport application
    2. Two recent passport size photographs
    3. Proof of payment
    4. Letter from local government/state of origin certificate
    5. Birth certificate
    6. Completed Guarantor’s form with photo of the data page of the Guarantor’s passport and one passport photograph of the Guarantor.
    7. Marriage certificate (if married)
    8. Affidavit for change of name (if applicable)
  2.  Yellow CardThis document is very important as you need to receive a yellow fever vaccine before you are allowed into another country. This doesn’t require much but you will be asked to pay certain amount for the yellow fever vaccination before the yellow card is issued to you. Not all countries require this though.
  3. Visa (if required)Most African countries do not require visa for Nigerian passport holders and a few require visa on arrival. However, a Nigerian passport holder requires visa to gain entry into other countries outside our continent.Visa processes are different depending on the country you are visiting. Make sure you check the visa requirements for each countries before you decide to travel.
  4. MoneyThough not a document however, money is an essential resource when traveling. Whether it be in Naira or dollar , you need money for PTA (preferably US dollar), flight tickets, hotel bills, feeding, shopping as the case may be.

    Now go ahead and plan that trip you’ve always wanted to embark on. Happy travels.

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