Friday, September 20, 2019

Davido and Infinix Mobility – Just Not Married


If you have seen the Nollywood multi-award winning heist drama titled Just not Married starring the ever energetic Judith Audu and Stan Nze then, I am afraid you would think Lani Aisida wrote a Part 2 of the movie however this time, debuting music superstar sensation Davido and popular mobile phone brand Infinix Mobility as the lead actors.

Truth is, whether you thought about it or not – that is somewhat the script playing out now except for the fact that it wasn’t written by Lani.

Just Not Married

The Plot

On May 8, 2018 Infinix Mobility unveiled award winning artiste Davido as their Brand Ambassador at a media exclusive event in Lagos. Everyone was in high spirit except for Davido himself who happened to have arrived over 8hrs late because he was in Abuja brokering a deal for his heartthrob while his employers waited endlessly for him back in Lagos.

Periodically, he took to Social Media to share updates about the deal in Abuja and how he had become a Talent Manager sadly, all these excitement was at the mercy of Infinix which had a hall full of journalist waiting to see him to no avail.

Fast-forward from his unacceptable outing on that day to the brand’s congratulatory message after he won the BET Award for Best International Act and gave a very remarkable and emotional speech at the event in June, you would expect that the pair have taken time out to understand themselves better and have consequently bonded but that did not turn out to be the case as not only did he not attend their Global Product Launch in Dubai the day after his award, he still distanced himself from the Local Launch in Lagos 4-days after. Who does that?

Please don’t ask me but the truth is couples are bound to have problems but it is not advisable for them to breakup hence, Infinix stayed chaste and decided to persist I believe.

Interestingly, like a “I don’t give a hoot” type of husband, Davido posted about his affection with Apple’s iPhone and even went ahead to give them a product development idea for free – something he is yet to do for his paid employer. Guess it does not matter!


“The Conclusion”

No doubt, Davido is a massive movement at the moment and no one even has an inkling of what is permissible under the auspices of his Ambassadorial contract with Infinix and what is not hence, it will be unfair to judge both entities or effectively evaluate the impact of their union on each other’s brand.

Having said that, one thing seems certain that Davido is the husband in the union and Infinix is the side-chick (yes cause he rocks iPhone for most of the shift and cannot stop expressing his love for the US mobile brand).

Don’t get me wrong, we believe he loves Infinix afterall, that was why he said “Yes” to them after being asked out severally for about 6-months.

On the day of his unveiling, the brand pushed out a hashtag on Social Media #DavidoAndInfinix, one would expect that the brand name would have come first before that of the artiste but no, the brand could not just put themselves together – they had finally landed one of Africa’s most sought after talent.

While there is probably still enough time before the partnership runs out, it will be interesting to see at what point OBO makes an official appearance with the brand again since the unveiling cause countless people believe this marriage is not real and was probably never meant to be in the first place.

But, let’s not mind the haters, instead lets focus on Infinix and ask them what is the next thing that they are planning with their ambassador cause so far, it appears they are Just not Married!

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