Monday, September 23, 2019

Olawunmi Adewale Inspires Fashionistas on Instagram


Our “Fashion Inspires Today” is Olawunmi aka Olarslim an entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast and personal style blogger. When it comes to fashion, she is a work of art.

Fashion in Nigeria is constantly evolving and the newer generation are eager to make a name in the industry and make it fast. Interestingly, most of the top Fashion designers and entrepreneurs started from the scratch and worked their way to the top so it becomes funny when you see some designers who want to rise fast without any dint of hard work.

So, today we have decide to share a post which Olarslim wrote on Instagram on how not so easy the road to her success has been.

She recalls going through hard times while searching for jobs and that motivated her to start her own brand (@olarsgrace). She explains, “ I look really good on paper when listing out my credentials, but I went through a phase and I’m still in that phase somewhat that no matter how many degrees I have or how much work experience I had, every work I deserved with my credentials was either been slammed shut or I was offered peanuts as remuneration . I watched people with less experience get jobs I applied for, I watched people take credit for my ideas. It was tough, but so was I”

Finally she said: “ No one can stop you if you are truly working with integrity in your purpose”. Her words has given us much needed inspiration for the week.

She is amongst the top stylish bloggers we know. See how stunning she looks…

Olarslim Olarslim Olarslim Olarslim Olarslim Olarslim Olarslim

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