Monday, September 23, 2019

Inverted Jeans are Fashion’s Latest Wild Denim Trend

Inverted Jeans

Several attempts to recreate jeans has taken a different turn as designers keep surprising us, and constantly overflowing the internet with new, unpredictable developments: The ripped-bum jean, triple waist band jean, multi-cuff jean and some extremely cutout jeans. So, now is the inverted jeans.

Inverted Jean

The inverted jeans are trendy. Let’s just say the era of extreme denim is firmly upon us. These upside-down denims have taken the world of fashion by storm. We thought we’d seen it all until we came across it.

We’ve long lived in our favorite pair of jeans: high-waist jeans, baggy jeans, cropped jeans, boyfriend jeans, and have styled them all. But here is something new to spend few bucks on.


Instead of featuring the usual zip and belt loop around the waist, the waistband, belt loops and pockets are where the cuffs should be. The back pockets also appear to be the wrong way up, but they do still function.

The jeans are available in full length, 3/4 length and shorts, just incase you like to own one.


Judging by comments online, some aren’t excited about these upside-down jeans, and we can’t say whether or not we are too – although, to be fair, it’s not even the worst we’ve seen this year.

We can’t help but wonder what other items of clothing will be switched up next.

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