Friday, September 20, 2019
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10 Luxury Vacation Spots in Nigeria You Probably Did Not Know

Nigeria may not be the usual vacation destination, but the country is famous for many exciting things such as art and culture, entertainment and business opportunities.

Nigeria has stunning attractions and is definitely a place to have a perfect holiday. Below are 10 places you can visit in Nigeria and still have the “abroad” feeling.

Obudu Mountain Resort

This wonderful resort is situated on Obudu plateau in Cross River State, Nigeria. The resort is notable for having Africa’s longest cable car which starts from the bottom of the ranch to the top of the resort thus providing an awesome view of the mountain from the top. This is a perfect gateaway spot for couples and families and there are luxurious accommodation and tour packages at the resort for guests.

Whispering Palm Resort

Whispering Palm Resort is located at Badagry, Lagos State. It has beautiful breathtaking environment making it  the perfect spot for your vacation.

Ilashe Private Beach Resort

Amongst our list of favorites spot is this lovely beach resort in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a perfect escape spot for honeymoon or a gateaway in Lagos.

Lekki Leisure Lake

In Lagos state is this perfect gateaway for fun seekers and lovers for a holiday. It has lots of activities like : boat cruise on the lake, quads biking, go-Jet skiing and more for guest to indulge in.

La Campagne Tropicana

With its exquisite and luxurious  beach-side accommodation, this is a perfect holiday spot for guests. It has lots of activities guest can enjoy while taking in the freshness of the beach atmosphere.

Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort

Le Meridien Ibom is located in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State. It is set upon lush palm forest vegetation with beautiful surroundings and cool ambience. The hotel offers amazing accommodation and other facilities.

MicCom Golf Resort

MicCom Golf Hotel and Resort is located in Osun State. It is an amazing holiday destination in Nigeria. The resort features stunning scenery to take in while you relax and rejuvenate. There are numerous accommodation options at the resort, plus an extensive of exciting activities such as swimming pool and tennis to keep you busy during your holiday at the resort.

Kamp Ikaare Resort

Kamp Ikare, is quite a natural wonder, situated in an charming part of Lagos, an attractive panorama of white sand and glittering sea. The resort has such a natural splendor that the memory of its beautiful landscape is etched in the memory of visitors long after the visit.

La manga Luxury Beach Villas

Spending your holiday in La Manga Beach Resort is like returning to the garden of Eden. A picnic and a stroll along the beach will be exciting and refreshing to guests while they savor the beautiful scenery.

Kajuru Castle Kaduna

In the heart of Kaduna lies the Kajuru castles. The tales of Kajuru castle has long been told and still being said. The castle is of royalty and you don’t have to travel far to have that feel.

There are other exquisite vacation spot and luxury hotels in Nigeria that will give your holiday a perfect touch but this is our Top 10. Feel free to let us know if we left out your most preferred.


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