Monday, September 23, 2019

Straw Hat is an Ideal Wardrobe Essentials for This Season

Straw Hat

As we are patiently waiting for the August break and you’re dreaming of hot, sunny beach days ahead, there’s no better way to get your summer wardrobe ready than by shopping a chic new sunhat – straw hat.

From bucket hats to classic Panamas, dramatic wide-brim beach hats, and the return of visors, there are plenty of hat trends to top off your look with this season.


Hats are often considered a relatively divisive accessory, and it’s not really hard to see why: They can mess up your hair, be too much of a statement or bring up some nagging insecurity you have about the literal size of your head.

No matter what kind, they can be an intimidating accessory if not styled well.

So, for the sake of positive thinking, besides protecting you from the sun, a straw is a perfect way to finish your look, Whether you are poolside, relaxing on a beach or street-styling to an event.

Should you need further convincing, we have pulled together photos of straw hat trends right here, along with our favorite looks.

Now you can add it to your shopping list before the fashion set scoops them all up.

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