Monday, September 23, 2019
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Traveling Solo Versus Traveling With A Partner – Pros and Cons.

Travel takes on all shapes and forms. Sometimes you’re on a solo trip with complete freedom and flexibility, and other times traveling becomes a unique bonding experience with a friend or family member. Both kinds of travel have their particular pros and cons, which we have listed in this article.

There are so many things that can go either wrong or right while on a trip either by yourself or with a partner. However, that does not take away the special moments each experience has.

Traveling solo

Traveling Solo

Traveling  solo can be an amazing experience. It’s a time that allows you to connect with nature, new cultures, and yourself. Plus, alone time can provide you a vital break from the social stresses of every day life, especially if you’re surrounded by people a majority of the time. Although, some people are so scared of traveling alone. That might be due to concerns about safety, feelings of loneliness,being too expensive or having no-one to take your travel photos. However, these are just myths and light challenges that can simply be overcome.
1. You will enjoy complete autonomy
2. Once you’ve travelled the world by yourself, anything seems possible.
3. Lots of time for reflection.
4. Time to connect with locals.
5. You discover who you really are.
1. It can get lonely with no one to keep an eye on you.
2. You might be a target for a crime and when things go wrong, there’s no one to help.
3. You will be too cautious of your environment instead of enjoying your holiday.
4. Most of your photos will be selfies. This can easily be overcome by politely approaching strangers/other tourists to take pictures of you or going with a tripod stand.

Traveling with a partner.

Traveling with a partner

Travel is an amazing experience to share, whether you and your partner are traveling as couples or you’re just venturing to a new place with a good friend.
1. The best part is splitting the cost of accommodation, food, and transport makes the trip altogether cheaper.
2. You get to create memories and bond with each other.
3. You will have an help-mate and someone to share challenges with.
4. You have your own personal photographer.
5. There’s a bit of safety in numbers.
1. Misunderstanding makes the journey a chore.
2. Having to do things the other person wants to do so as to be accommodating.
3. You’ll inevitably discover new things that frustrate you about your partner.

Travel should be enjoyable and rewarding, whether you do it alone or share it with someone in your life. Be aware of what you’re hoping to get out of your trip. Talk or write those goals down before you leave. Check in along the way and make adjustments if it feels like something isn’t quite right.

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