Monday, September 23, 2019

Venezuelan Lawmaker Strips While Giving Speech

Venezuelan Lawmaker Strips to briefs
Gilber Caro, Venezuelan Lawmaker.

Venezuelan lawmaker, Gilber Caro, stripped to his briefs during a debate in front of the country’s National Assembly on Tuesday.

43-year old Gilber, a member of the hardline opposition party, Popular Will, stood in front of his colleagues to call for unity and the support of Juan Requesens, 29, an opposition leader who was accused and jailed for allegedly having a role in an assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro on August 4 during a military celebration.

Caro, 43, removed his sports coat as he asked everyone, “Where does a man’s dignity rest?”

He then tore his dress shirt off, walked to the other side of the chamber and paused to take off his pants. He then continued his speech, blaming the president’s administration of stripping its citizens’ basic rights to food and medicine.

He continued: “A man’s dignity and love is not carried inside what I just finished removing. The dignity is in the heart and we carry Venezuela in the heart, [too].”

Despite Caro’s emotional plea, a court in Caracas still kept Requesens detained along with two other high-ranking military officials, whose exact roles in the alleged assassination plot weren’t revealed.

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