Monday, September 23, 2019

Google Adds Confidential Mode to its Android Version of Gmail


Google had earlier in May rolled out an update with Confidential Mode for Gmail users who have conversations using their desktops, but the brand just made a mobile version available for Android users using the Gmail App for conversations.

The announcement of the self-destruct timer, which deletes conversations after the set time elapses, was made public via the Gmail account on Twitter.

It should be stated that the focus of the update is to “protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.”

To enable the feature on your device all you need to do is to click the ‘add new email’, the setting dots will reveal the new inclusion which is the “Confidential Mode”.

Confidential Mode

This new feature allows users set an expiry date for their mails and a passcode all of which are security measures to prevent the spread of vital information into the wrong hands.

While Gmail users will not have problems accessing encrypted mails, Non-Gmail users will have to gain access to these mails using a passcode that can only be generated from a secure web portal.

If you intend to begin the use of this new update on your mobile I just feel this would be a plus, ensure that you have set your timer correctly, because once the mail is sent the timer cannot be fixed anymore.

For now, the update is only available to android users as the brand has not made any official statements as to when it would be releasing the update for iOS devices.

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