Monday, September 23, 2019
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10 Things You Must know Before Visiting Lagos


Are you thinking of visiting Lagos?  Here are some very important information you need to know before packing your bags. This would enable you to prepare for the Lagos Lifestyle.

10 Things You Must Know before visiting Lagos:

1. Traffic is a lifestyle


In Lagos traffic is always abundant and it’s a lifestyle for people who have lived in the town for years. In case you are coming from mini cities where you hardly experience traffic, well the reverse is the case.

2. Moving around is easy

The most common means of transportation in Lagos is the ‘danfo’ buses. Apart from the fact that they are cheap, they take you to your destination with ease. But, you will have to struggle at some point, jump, push, and squeeze as the case may be. If you are not cut-up for all these activities then a taxi would be your best option and there are various services such as Uber , Taxify, Oga driver etc.

3. Lagos is like a country.


Lagos ex smallest city in Nigeria but then the busiest and most crowded. Lagos is like its own country with every sector of the economy you can think of.  It is the headquarter of most businesses and the firstborn bus-stop of every job seeker. The metropolis has cities, towns and estates within the little expanse of land .

4. You choice where you want to live
One good thing about Lagos is that you can live like a king and also like an average man. The choice is yours. You can decide to live on the Island where cost of living is high compared to the mainland.

5.  For visitors, accommodation is not a problem 
You wont have an issue of where to lay your head as there are hotels & guest houses everywhere . Also this depends on your budget.

6. Night Life is Dope


Lagos night life is one you can’t afford not to experience. The metropolis has the best hot spots to hangout. Lagos never sleeps.

7.  Be safe
In Lagos , the watch word is safety. Not only safety conscious in relating to crimes but even to the extent of you being in the car.
While traveling within city limit, wind up the door glasses of the car and keep the doors locked. It is advisable to avoid purchasing items from street hawkers. There were incidents when these street hawkers become highway robbers after the dusk.

8. Mind Your Business.
Try not to involve yourself in unnecessary arguments that could lead to fights

9. Never cross the road where’s there is a walkover.

Be warmed! You will not want to find yourself in ‘black-maria’.


10. Beware of  the guys in uniform. Lastma , KIA and other government officials.

Try as much as possible not to violate rules and regulations. And keep your expensive gadgets away from their sight.


Finally, you will definitely have an experience to tell whether good or bad.

Share your experience as a Lagos-first timer in the comment box.

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