Monday, September 23, 2019

Our Favorite Thrift Shoppers / Influencers You will Love.

Lots of people have different reasons they prefer thrifted items to the new ones. Some of which includes the fact that some of the items are cheap, valuable/priceless items or because the items last longer than the made in Nigeria products. Which ever reason thrift shoppers have for thrift shopping the most important thing is how well you style your thrifted items.
Thrift business is booming both online and shops on street and markets. So, if you have a problem “bending down to select” you can easily order a few thrift items online.
Thrift items include gorgeous dresses, vintage bags and shoes to and aesthetic accessories.

Below are beauty and style influencers and some items they bought off a thrift store wether in Nigeria or Abroad.

Thrift shoppers
Thrift shoppers
Thrift shoppers
Thrift shoppers
Thrift shoppers

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