Saturday, August 24, 2019

Foldable Phones are the new era of mobile design

Mobile brands have come a long way when designs and functions are considered. There was a time when the market was flooded with slide phones, bright light devices what we would later learn to tag as feature phones.

Late 2017 and 2018 brought about the trend of a new line of Smartphone design, which was the notch screen, which has been skillfully replicated by almost every mobile brand in the market since the release of Apple’s iPhone X.

The new trend certainly has moved from just notch screens to foldable phones. The buzz has been that Huawei and Samsung have gotten their patent ready and would be releasing their brand variation of the foldable device, which is expected to launch in the mobile market by 2019.

Well, an unknown brand has stormed the mobile market with the first foldable phone before the bigger brand did what they needed to do.

Royole FlexPai is the first foldable device in the mobile market as we speak. The device, which debuted in Beijing in October, is a phone-tablet hybrid that features a flexible screen.

The device is already available for developers in China,  and would be readily available to end-user later in December and would be sold by Chinese carrier China Mobile.

FlexPai would cost a whopping  $1,318  for the 6GB of RAM/128GB variant and $1,469 (£1,349) for the 8GB of RAM/256GB version. This means the device is way expensive than the 2017 sensational iPhone X, which sold at a thousand dollars.

If an unknown mobile brand would sell its device at such a high-end price, it is certainly obvious that when top-flyers introduce their variance of the device we might be expecting a high bid for this device, which would certainly be targeted at the emotional buyers and loyalist of these brands.

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