Sunday, April 21, 2019

iPhone makes history on Alibaba’s single day sales

iPhones have been in the news, not just a Smartphone brand but as a manufactured brand for a class of people.

Certainly, if Steve Jobs looks back on earth he did be proud he was a part of a brand that has held the mobile market to ransom.

It feels more like when you own an iPhone you own a larger mobile world in your hands and the brand has been able to sell that dream to most of its buyers who are either emotional or aspirational buyers.

This certainly explains why the brand goes on to make another history with the price slash sale on Alibaba, which happened on Sunday, which totaled the e-commerce store a gross income of $30billion, which is more than Nigeria’s yearly budget.

2018 has seen a lot of mobile launching and these devices have proven to be worth the wait every time there is a new release.

But on Sunday, Apple’s iPhone emerged top of the list of shoppers demands on the slash sales becoming the top-selling mobile phone brand for the day. This has allowed Apple to beat out the likes of Huawei and Xiaomi, both of whom come in second and third place respectively.

It is not clear whatever the sales affected the brand’s new mobile line-ups, but the fact remains that Apple contributed the growth and income rate enjoyed during the sales.

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