Sunday, April 21, 2019

Volkswagen now allows Siri unlock on its cars

It is hard to understand the development of technology these days. Well, it is certainly fine now that one of those crazy ideas can be birthed in the tech-space.

It was easier to say Hey Siri unlock my iPhone or Siri call me Baby Police, but prompting Siri to unlock your car is just one idea I cannot seem to wrap my finger around.

However, I choose to tell the story Volkswagen already completed the narrative with this feature. Volkswagen cars using the Apple Siri voice control system. This new development via the VW Car-Net app is one of many Volks move to deepening its relationship with the Apple company. iOS users can now tell Siri ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’ my Volkswagen car, and it will respond to your command by locking or unlocking your car. While that is not the only action you can carry out using the Siri shortcut, You can also check estimate mileage with the fuel or charge left in their vehicle, and enable alarms.

You can now unlock your Volkswagen with your Apple Siri

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