Sunday, April 21, 2019

5 reasons why you should listen to Alessia Cara’s The Pains of Growing

I have an awkward choice when music is placed on my plate like a meal, the reason I do this I cannot explain, but I am a big fan of great content anyway so do not blame me.

This has drawn me into a deep search for the non-conventional acts. Well, I am not sure I can class this budding 22-year-old as a non-conventional act, but she is.

Canadian Singer Alessia Cara just released her 3rd studio album under the Def Jam umbrella and I have had to listen to the 16 track album over and again and here are my five reasons why you should listen to these songs.

Pain of Ageing

You certainly must have had those chills at some point in your life as you age and make those decisions that would end up defining the long and short term of who you would be when the veils are finally dropped.

Alessia Cara did not hide the fear she nurses as a Grammy winner two years ago. She bears the naked pain of growing and having to face life on her own, with every word she sang on this album.

She certainly made a heel turn about life when she says the monsters that kept me awake as a kid are the ones I have to face as I age.

When you say monsters are not real then face a grumpy boss, or a nagging wife or the horrible traffic in Lagos then you would understand what this means.


I am a big fan of poetry, if you happen to be like me, then you would love to hear what this songstress had to say with every word she wrote on this 16 track album.

Singing your song may not be as hard as also writing out the lyrics of your song from somewhere deep.

The truth is that she picked on the everyday item and she made a huge melody from each track and I think it is just one reason why you should download the album.


You should listen to this album because it is nothing short of a complete work of art.  Her choice of wearing a suit at her age has received a lot of backlashes, but the young singer has made it clear that what she wears does not determine her creativity.

She is here to inspire and cheer every young girl and boy out there to be better. She simply wanted to create melodies that would speak years after she is gone.

Art, simply had a quick reply for trolls if you want to see fashion, the songstress says Victoria Secret is the bus stop and not her music videos.

Tackles the Church

Alessia Cara did a song targeted at the church and a part of me just loved this song. 7days does not take away the existence of God but puts the entire human race in a theatre and God as the major audience who watches every and anything we do as human beings in a world full of pseudo-realities and social media.

So, she just shades a part of Christianity stating that God sees it all and sometimes we do not have to go through man to reach out to him.

Well, 7 days also follows the creation ideology, God rested and watched man take his position after the 7th day.


Alessia Cara has the perfect heartbreak song on this album. If you are going through this hurt right now, just download this album and cry yourself to redemption and freedom.


If you are a big fan, download and listen to this album and let me know what you feel, I really wish she could get another Grammy for this album.


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