Saturday, November 16, 2019

Black Designers Set To Showcase At NYFW

New York fashion week is happening in February and the official schedule has been released. On this list are some first timers, some we have heard of and others we have not, but we will be seeing on the runway nevertheless.

Among the names are Harlem’s fashion row, they are reasonably new but yet familiar because they hosts an event separately from New York Fashion Week where they give many black designers a platform to showcase their wears and pieces.

In a couple of weeks in February, it will be hosting an opening night for a special event which  takes place  from Feb 6th – 13th, and an installation celebrating “an icon in American film, brought to life through a collaborative effort that will support emerging designers and fashion talent of color,” per a press release for the first time. Both of the events are happening in the evening of the 6th.

It is amazingly satisfying to see that black designers are being recognized and provided access to showcase at the New York fashion show. The Event will be holding at Spring Studios once again, the main venue for NYFW: The Shows, with additional events being held at Industria.

February is definitely going to be an amazing month for the people of color in New York and I’m sure every fashion lover is looking forward to the different lineups that would be showing at the New York Fashion Week. In a way, it seems to be telling us that this season holds the hope of becoming the most authentically diverse New York Fashion Week showcase.  Not just in terms of models but also through designers being given a platform.

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